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C is for Chickenroach

In the Iconoplasty style of the early Christian cave dwellers of South Central Anatolia, the Chickenroach was used to represent the Archangel Lucifer.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Not Enough!

Queer Music and Art Festival

September 18th & 19th


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RIP Wolfgang, 1999-2010

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In the event that a player holds the corresponding safety at the moment when a hazard is played in his battle area, the player may call "coup-fourré" (a French fencing term for a counter-thrust in which a fencer parries his opponent's thrust and counterattacks in the same maneuver) and immediately play the safety in his own safety area; the safety is placed horizontally (as the Extra Tank is shown in the example). The hazard is removed to the discard pile, revealing the Roll card beneath it. As when any safety is played, the player calling "coup-fourré" draws another card at once and plays again. Play resumes to that player's left, not to that of the one who played the offending hazard; thus any intervening players lose their turns.

Note that because the hazard is removed and not merely corrected by the coup-fourré, a Roll card now shows and distance cards may be played immediately. This is an advantage over playing a safety later (normally), when it merely corrects the hazard and a Roll card is still required in order to move. The exception is the Right of Way card; as soon as it is played (normally or by coup-fourré), the player is considered to be moving (unless he suffers another hazard).

A safety may be played as a coup-fourré only immediately after the offending hazard; as soon as the next player plays or discards, the opportunity is lost.


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Just give in to it

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B is for Boring Problems

1.) Cable keeps randomly conking out.
2.) Who has money for the cable bill anyway?
3.) Astrology said this was to be my big money month, yet clients keep flaking.
4.) Who drank all of my beer?
5.) How will I pay the rent?
6.) Did my mom favor my brother over me and my gay dad?
7.) The bath tub needs to be snaked.
8.) I'm not enough of a "go getter."
9.) My cell phone bill is higher than I'd hoped.
10.) It's time for a pap smear.

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Team Shredder Book of the Entire Century Club

The Doctor is in.

I command you to get this immediately.

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A is for Anxious

The Mind is a terrible thing.
Getting on planes to leave home makes me nervous. I love arriving but I"m afraid to leave. So many things could go wrong, somebody could die. Something important could be forgotten, collapsing the teetering house of cards of my life. The most likely time for this to happen is while I'm on the plane. The plane could crash, too. Change is bad because it means loss.
Only brother is getting married. Dear friends and family will surround me, brother will be happy. What, then, is my problem?

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Which is worse?

Soprano sax or alto sax?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drowning or discovering?

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Fuckheads: Portraiture for the Silicon Enlightenment

Artists haven't been weighted by the responsibility to describe likeness, physical or metaphorical, in portraiture for much of the 20th century and any historical tendencies toward sentimentality that remained in the last century have been thoroughly decimated by the 21st century's anarchy of silicon intelligence. "Fuckheads" celebrates this new, unabridged democracy of images - a re-presentation of identity; linking status, indentification or appearance to a greater global context, whilst also paying homage (affectionately or not) to the individuals represented. Fueled by a deluge of information, the artists in this exhibition further expose the mechanisms of outward appearance and social identity resulting not in static, crystallized renderings, but moving amorphous things orbiting between two points; fact or "real" social identity or "virtual" new, hybrid entities. "Fuckheads" depicts personal or appropriated subjects, made from observations or memory and each of these artists have gained perspective that could only have been bred from the free flow of media that defines us today.

Artists in the exhibition include: John Bankston, Gideon Bok, Lizzie Bonaventura, Heather Cantrell, Geoff Chadsey, Dawn Clements, Alika Cooper, Paula Cronan, Kevin Cristy, Jenny Dubnau, Jen Denike, Frederika Fellini, Wendy Geller, Alexa Gerrity, Colleen Hennesey, James Huang, Whitney Hubbs, David Humphrey, Liz Markus, Kelly McLane, Jared Pankin, Maritza Ranero,
Juliana Snapper, Sandra Scolnik, Mike Slack, James Everett Stanley, Shannon Smith, Fred Stonehouse, Anthony Vitti, Keith Walsh, Eric Yahnker, & Bill Vuksanovich

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Capt'n's Log: 1.5 rainbows

and a pink and blue sunset. Literally and symbolically. 20-30 good waves, 4-5 being mad, and only about 2 had to be shared. Even that was fun, because they were nice people. No choad to be seen, for they were all watching the dumb game. I love football season.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Capt'n's Log: Red and Black

The swell
was disappointing in that I caught it too late, at high tide. Big yet rolly polly waves as fat and mushy as Tony Baloney after two weeks of debauchery in NY. Getting out of shape happens fast now, but in my animal kingdom of surfing it's mostly mental. I felt an inner weakness somehow, an inability to get with the energy and groove of the big rollers. Hidden Dragon ditched me and was replaced by Weirdly Nervous Gelatinous Blob, which would be fine if I weren't also on my rag. On rag=off balance, plus WNGB, so 99 out of 100 waves were missed.
I broke the rule of never turning my back to the ocean, who knows why, perhaps to look sadly toward the shore, thinking I'd have to paddle in. One never paddles in. One never walks down the hill with toboggan left behind, why would one paddle in? When I turned back around to face the mocking rollers, I got smacked in the face with the crazy red, pictured above. How could I not start laughing?! I'm only a person.
When the red simmered down to a non-distracting level, yet it wasn't too dark, a roller finally let me in. It lumbered along for a while, then hit a shallower spot and reformed to a steeper, faster, shoulder-high semi-mad ride. A right, all the way to the parking lot.

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Here come the judge

Captain, there are doubts
regarding your ability
to lead them.
The men, lead them!

-firehose, Brave Captain

Chief Engineer Mike Perry came out with the truth to a Florida newspaper, and the story was picked up by the Associated Press.

*Hold the phone, there's so much more.
As much as I hate fox news, I think it was wise for Perry to go in to the belly of the beast in order to drop the bomb. Thank you, Chief.

Mr. Perry with his photo of the crew of the Maersk Alabama.

...more will be revealed...

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Turn around, bright eyes

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Stanley Hymovitz, Sept. 24, 1934-Aug.17, 2009

Somewhere around the age of 13.

Stan was in the leatherhead generation, no face masks. He played center, and went on to play semi-pro in Philadelphia.

In the '60's, in North Phila.

Stan with Aunt Zelda, who he loved more than anyone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This Party Took a Turn for the Douche

By Garfunkel and Oates

...c/o Shannon Douche Smith

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Douuuche Clup

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Adult" education

The selfish little takers are boys this Quarter. Mr. Personality x 3 = me learning to let go. "Being listened to" is so overrated, anyway. One is a narcissist with severe ADD, ("I am a Phoenix,") the other has the veteran's PTSD, the third is kind of sweet and OK/overgrown child type.
The ladies for the most part are self-contained, so far. Only one seems potentially needy. Fortunately for evening glass there looks to be a potential 4 foot swell.
*Note to Angela Dufresne: 3 foot at Rockaway today...? I saw it on the ethernet surf report, which often lies, but...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Buster, The Man

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Capt'n's Log

Current Log: The Swiss Roll

This month's lady problem is the backlash slasher movie, again. Doesn't happen to me often, but when it does, I'll tell you what. Like dialysis where half of my body weight and life force, in blood, is drained out of my lady hole. Iron pills, red whine, coconut donut= my one shot at living to see my grand daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Next year in Jerusalem. The other fucking awesome thing I've realized is, peri fucking manopause. That's what's wrong with me. Speaking of backlash. It's not nice, will not be nice for the next 8 years. People will be cut, there will be blood on the walls, and not just squirting from my PUSSYHOLE, either. I'm sorry. All friends and loved ones should dump me now, before the going gets tuff.

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PD, how could you punch me in the face?

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Lettuce Alone

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Rosanna Bruno: extraordinary painter of beautiful things, excellent person in general

Rosanna Bruno
New Paintings

May 28th - June 21, 2009
Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 30, 6-8pm

Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Monday: 10:00 - 5:30pm

John Davis Gallery
362 1/2 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Rosanna Bruno

"Kick it Out"

40"x28" oil on linen, 2008

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Let us now praise these famous Gentlemen!

Proud Union brothers, loyal to each other through thick and thin.
Each risking his own life for the lives of the others.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have a question,

and that is:

what is wrong with men?

Figure (1) hmmm...

Figure (2) Commando Anus Face

Figure (3) Tender Moments

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Kids of Today are Clearly Alright

Surprise surprise, another great show by Forever, the band that gives us hope for the future.
Sheana's vocals are stronger than ever, and have gotten even more nuanced and expressive. She sounds great. Jen's standout bass lines kick mega butt, son, plus her voice works perfectly with Sheana's in their well written harmony moments. Joel's fast drumming is very precise and disciplined, yet he gives it a free and expressive feeling. Their new addition, Joe, fills out and grounds their sound a whole lot on his hollow body guitar. Clean, bright and strong are the qualities that struck me about Forever's blossomed sound. Everything seems right now. I hereby declare that these talented kids must keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Capt'n's Log

Imagine my delight when upon meeting the leader of one of my favorite bands, The Aisler's Set, I found out that she was visiting California to surf! I tried not to bombard her with my intense fan energy. Whether or not it worked I cannot say. How does one reconcile shyness with excitement? One probably does not!

We agreed to surf every day. After fiveish days of good waves together at PV cove, I was ultimately amazed by the fact that some people, who are in my opinion among the best pop song writers around, are also naturally gifted at surfing. I think she said she'd only been surfing a year and a half. Whatever, some people just have it like that. They understand impossible things. The rest of us struggle just to keep our heads above water. It's cool. In three years she will be amazing. For 2009, Linton takes the Rookie of the Year Award.

David Nuuhiwa, The Supertones

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