Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Capt'n's Log

Imagine my delight when upon meeting the leader of one of my favorite bands, The Aisler's Set, I found out that she was visiting California to surf! I tried not to bombard her with my intense fan energy. Whether or not it worked I cannot say. How does one reconcile shyness with excitement? One probably does not!

We agreed to surf every day. After fiveish days of good waves together at PV cove, I was ultimately amazed by the fact that some people, who are in my opinion among the best pop song writers around, are also naturally gifted at surfing. I think she said she'd only been surfing a year and a half. Whatever, some people just have it like that. They understand impossible things. The rest of us struggle just to keep our heads above water. It's cool. In three years she will be amazing. For 2009, Linton takes the Rookie of the Year Award.

David Nuuhiwa, The Supertones

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