Sunday, December 23, 2007


Rock on with Gandi's cock on

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


News Flash! Actual New Post!

Mr. and Mrs. Seamonkey came to California for an emergency healing seminar with Seamonkey69's former cat, Buddy, who now lives with Harrison in San Diego.
It seems Buddy had to have major surgery on his midsection to repair his torn diaphragm from a previous run in with a coyote.
For some time now, our poor little guy has had to work extra hard to breathe, due to the loss of the boundary between his abdomen and chest cavity. His lil' lungs were crowded by everything but the kitchen sink that crept upward.

Our lil' man is tough as nails, though, and never once complained.
Seamonkey rescued him from the canyons and helped him along for a long time in her lil' apartment down the hall from Mr. and Mrs. The Capt'n, giving him daily gentle shakedowns to make room for his lungs what the Vetrenarian Dr. Candy showed her, and in general providing him with the good and happy life.
Pictured here is Buddy, post op, receivin' the healin' reiki touch from zen master Seamonkey69.

And then more reiki from The Capt'n, while koala looks on approvingly.

Buddy improved dramatically after the healin' touches from the Team. Here we see him relaxing with his newborn leopard what Dr. Harrison delivered via C-section, in between studying for finals.

Anyhoo, after all of the healin' work was done, The Team decided to take a romp down memory lane at our old home break, Tourmaline.

Here The Team performs it's secret handshake.
*Note: Dick Blew on the rocks.

Our boards of choice: The Snow Pony and The Green Rocket.

I'll tell you what, that knee surgery and country livin' have sure paid off. Here we see Seamonkey69 executing an excellent pop up, radically improved and also radically better than The Capt'n's.

To top it off, Seamonkey69 glides along the green wall in an excellent crouched stance, while The Capt'n looks on in shock and awe. This after not surfing for 300 years. How you do dat, Seamonkey? Your Capt'n was majorly impressed and bursting with pride.

Mrs. Seamonkey, author of "Up The Ganges on a Whim and a Ritalin," sorts things out during a poignant walk on the beach.

Seamonkey69, always concerned with what's best for the Team, keeps The Capt'n on a steady diet of raw kelp.
Q: Who in this picture is the bigger jackass?
A: The Capt'n

Again, bigger dickwad: The Capt'n

Monday, December 03, 2007


Team Shredder Book of the Month Club

Dance of the Yeti: A Life of Gree C. Hair in Pictures

Team Shredder Press, 2007
Limited Edition

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