Friday, June 27, 2008

I just have to say, the show was literally amazing.

Five Fathoms Deep My Father Lies

There are about 5 print interviews coming out soon, which I'm very excited about. Much thanks and love to Aksioma and The City of Women.

Still recovering from jetlag, struggling with intense heat & humidity, and facing my dear uncle's harsh reality of poor health and deep sadness. I hope I can help him somehow.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sea Horse

Sea Dragon

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


My Major Bro-Down with Angela Dufresne

That's right, Douche #1 spent a couple weeks here in SoCal on an artist residency, which, I have to say, worked out really well for me.
First and foremost is a toss-up between fishing and her solo show, now up at Kinkead Contemporary. The show looks fabulous. What else can be said? Everybody at the opening had trouble picking their favorite paintings, because they all were so good. Later, Angie was again a big hit at the karaoke after party, singing such classics as Nothing Compares 2 Douche, Douche Look Like a Lady, and All The Young Douche. Even gree c, who literally hates karaoke, seemed to have a good time. Oh yes, gree c flew in for the opening. That's how she roll.
During her residency, Douche painted a beautiful new group of works, including portraits of The Mrs. as Gena Rowlands in Cassavetes' Opening Night, the excellent Coleen Hennessey and her horse, Gypsy, and myself as Charlie Chaplin in somethin' somethin', plus two kickass landscapes, one of which includes a quonset hut, my current favorite architectural structure. Perhaps even more favorite than Lautner's Chemosphere.

But maybe I should go see this place in person before I make my final judgment. P.S. I literally know somebody who had the chance to buy it "for a song" because it's possible that a murder happened there, but you didn't hear that from me, because I don't believe in gossip. Angie was bummed though that the Lautner show at the Hammer was not up yet when she was here. Me too.
Anyway, I hope the nice John Kinkead will have jpegs of her new group of works up soon. Homegirl did many beautiful paintings during her stay in Los Angeles. Whoa Douche, somebody is on fyah, and I'm not talking about the roof!

As if that weren't enough, somehow Douche found time in her busy artistic schedule to go fishing quite a few times. The height of our bro-down was the epic day that Douche and I went fishing and surfing all in one day. It was like Douche heaven on earth, but at sea. And reservoir. I say that because we fished at el Capitan Reservoir, it's worthy to note. And when I say "we" fished I mean "she" fished, while I did Jewish yoga (Oi, my back!) and stared out contemplatively at the scenery:

Fig. (a) Mysterious tower on the water

Fig. (b) Landscape nearby

Fig. (c) Mysterious tower on the road to the reservoir. This seemed significant.

Glaringly, depressingly absent from this photo essay is my cell phone pic of Douche triumphantly holding up her 12" big mouth bass. It was amazing, yup. I wish I could show you, but I am so retarded that I literally cannot get pictures off of my phone until my new plan takes effect in 24-48 hours from this morning, when I changed it. That bass was a beauty, though, for the 5 seconds that she had it out of the water till I freaked out and she threw it back.

From el Capitan we hit the road north to beautiful San Onofre.

It was a strange day for waves, though. Still high and mighty from the 12' big mouth bass and the cute wave that we caught together the day before at Tourmaline, we were a little let down by the weird, shifty peaks at San O. It was like getting thrown a curve ball. The waves would roll in, and as they got close, they would shift and sort of move over and pass us by to the side. I don't entirely blame us--everybody out there was struggling. At San O of all places. The waves were like 4-6 feet, but kind of crossed out because of coming from 2 different directions, and the tide was high enough to make them the kind of mushy that's hard to catch. We really had to be in the exact right spot to catch anything, which meant constant paddling against the current, and many tries. Eventually I figured it out, but Douche may not have had as pleasant of an experience because while she is a master fisherman, she does not get out to the Rockaways as often as she'd like, and anyway when she does, it's usually brutal dumping beach break there, from what I hear. Very unsubtle and non-conducive to longboarding, or life in general. Douchie don't have the luxury of nearby, easy, surfable conditions all year round. Having said that, it is worth noting that she fearlessly charged many overhead waves that day, like a champ. Who dat ninja?

Last, but most significant to me, was the building of my studio/modernist carport in my back yard. Douche was right there with me from the start.

Fig. 1(a) Overwhelming at first

Fig. 1 (b) Two heads are better than one

Fig. 1(c) Maritsa works, Harrison supervises, choad tries to look busy by caressing nearby ladder

Fig 1 (c) gree c saves the day by pulling everything together, as usual, choad stands there looking dumb, Maritsa practices pose for Rigid Tool calendar.

The finished product is an elegant, thrilling, and deceptively simple modernist structure that features a see-through corrugated roof, which will allow for many a poetical musing while gazing up into the lazy, shady canopy of pepper tree above. Pictures of finished product delayed due to cell phone problem, etc., etc.
But in the meantime, rest assured that it would fit right in as the carport to the Eames House.

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